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PT Sentra Halal Indonesia (SHI) is a national private company that focuses on providing end-to-end halal services in Indonesia.

Founded in 2022, SHI is ready to partner with national and global halal players, to meet their various needs regarding industrial halal and all its derivatives.

The potential for the halal economy continuing to grow, we realize that bringing together various interests is the key to success in bringing a halal ecosystem to the world community.

With its experiences, experties and network, SHI’s presence will be able to become an integrator for all halal stakeholders in Indonesia and the world.

SHI people consist of experts and professionals who have expertise in their fields with sufficient experience.

Apart from that, SHI also uses a comprehensive approach and methodology to provide the best service.

At the same time, SHI also utilizes and develops the latest technology in the IT field, including AI, Robotics and Blockchain, to produce the latest solutions.

All of this is in order to provide integrated solutions (end-to-end), to build a halal ecosystem that is profitable and based on Islamic law (sharia).


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